Ford Illustrations 
Various colour illustrations for Ford, these included designing characters and developing storyboards, instagram stories and pieces of comms for conferences and ad pieces.
Some of the feedback that I received from the Client
Just wanted to give you a short feedback on Elenaʼs All Hands Meeting and the way I presented the EUROPEAN CX Team. I personally believe we were the best, with the most innovative and creative way on how to present the CX work in Europe. I received a lot of very positive comments and notes from the global team and more importantly from Elena saying, that is was the most creative and engaging presentation at the All Hands.
We couldn‘t have achieved this w/o your personal and the entire WPP support. I‘d really like to thank you and the wider team for all your help and support to get this storyboards created in record time. You have an awesome team with lots of individual talents and more importantly great people and individuals. Please pass on my appreciation to your team, especially to the storyboard designer, who did an amazing job.
I like working with you and the team and the support we get is fantastic. We need to celebrate special moments as a collective team and therefore it‘s very important to me you know that I‘m so pleased with your team.
Dieter Rogmann - Ford​​​​​​​

Characters development
Storyboard frame drawings

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